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Šī tīmekļa vietne izmanto sīkdatnes, lai uzlabotu lietošanas pieredzi un optimizētu tās darbību. Turpinot lietot šo vietni, Jūs piekrītat sīkdatņu lietošanai. Lasīt vairāk

Kāzu amatu apraksti angļu valodā

Mr Glass Filler

His or her duty is to make sure that none of the guests is thirsty, empty glasses at this party wouldn’t be seen and eyes of the guests would become brighter and brighter. Mr.Glass Filler also takes care of any “special order” according to guests’ choice and mood.

Doctor Compassion vai Doctor Lifesaver

Taking into account that human health is the most important at any situation we need to make sure we also have a certified doctor! His or her duty is to save the second day if any guests have suffered from irresponsible actions of Mr.Glass Filler or way too much of activity from “Dance Floor Polisher”.

Morning silence breaker

Wakes up everyone who looks tired through out the evening so they wouldn’t miss out on all the fun. In the morning “Morning Silence Breaker” has to make sure all wedding guests arrive for breakfast and do it timely and not when it’s already midday. Waking up the young couple also rests on your shoulders.

Dance Floor Polisher

“Dance Floor Polisher” dances so much that with his or her energetic and passionate moves makes all other wedding guests get up and go on the dance floor. However if there are some guests who keep sitting, then you have to pay an extra attention till they feel like the fish in the water on the dance floor. Darling, don’t hold back – doctor will heal you in the morning.


Don’t be shy to stand close to someone whispering. Look for interesting photo opportunities in quiet and dark corners, specially at night, and observe who with who, where and at what time left and come back (if hasn’t come back, preferably to find out why and also document it in a photo). Every risqué conversation, situation and view is your field of work.

Pilferer vai illegal collector

Takes under his or her control everything left without attention and keeps those things in the safe place until morning when during breakfast for certain reward owner will get an opportunity to get those things back.

Mr Wise Guy

Gives all kinds of consultations about married life and shares advice on how to live in marriage all the way until your “Golden Anniversary”. Mr.Wise Guy is the only one who’s allowed to admonish, remark upon or correct other job holders, special attention paying to Mr.Glass Filler.