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a place for wedding

oldforumuser 28.04.06. 16:19

Hi! :D
Somebody speaks english? oder deutsch? Lieber wäre dutsch (german by preference) I live in berlin, Germany.
Me, just a little bit of latvian.
Me and my friend would like to marry in Latvia, my granny is still here and I like this land. Could anybody give me some detail about how to start it in Latvia? I'd like it to be happen in a Castle. Last summer I was in rundale Pils, fascinating. :!: :!: :!: :D

O.K. Rundale Pils is a little bit ambitious, but I hope You know some interesting authentic nice places. :wink:

Please contact me.


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oldforumuser 16.05.06. 17:38

Thanks, Laura25! We plan to have appr. 70-90 guests, and in germany there'are normally only the menus to be payed, the "telpa" is used kind of free of charge, cause the meal and drinks make the price. So if it's the same way to be in Latvia, it's about 8-10 Ls pro person.
The "pils" is quite nice. just the problem, if we find enough hotelrooms to place the guests, who would surely stay upon some days to visit the enviroments.

so-so, I'll check this place out on my holidays, i come this summer to Riga to visit my granny. If you find some interesting places like this one in your email, it would be great. Thanks a lot!!!

oldforumuser 05.05.06. 15:02

have you checked website - www.travellatvia.lv - there you can find some quite nice places outside Riga. All the nicest places are outside Riga - more in country side.
One of my friends had wedding in Igate castle. I've seen her photos from that place and also from her big day - it looks amazing. Bit expensive though!
www.igatespils.lv This website also have english version.

If you want i can ask my friend how much was rent our you can get in touch with them yourself if you like the photos on their website. I just noticed that there is no gallery in english version, but it is in latvian site - galerija.

How many guests you and your fiancée are planing to invite?

oldforumuser 03.05.06. 08:21

Thanks for answering me! My granny lives in Imanta, 10 min from Riga. About the idea: you know, if you make a research in www.yahoo.de with some words as "schloss", "heiraten" "hochzeit" (a castle, marry, wedding), you find pretty lot of sites about little castle all over Germany, proposing you a good catering, service and stay-over-night-after-party. So I'd like you to help me finding these sites in Latvia, may be via giving me some words for a research or some Castle names.

Anyway, for a moment I try to find some nice locations, for the rest, no idea, I hope people there could speak english.

Thanks for your tipps


oldforumuser 28.04.06. 18:35

I would say it's a pretty nice idea to organize your wedding in Latvia, basing your idea on the fact that your granny lives in this country!!!

But... how are you imaging to organize all this event in Latvia? Are you trying to find just a wedding place or maybe anything else?

By the way, from wich region (district) are your granny from? We can try to find something suitable somwhere around her place maybe?!